Getting your hair done is one of those experiences, that everyone . . .

a) Looks forward to,
b) Never forgets,
c) Makes you feel beautiful.


I am sure many of you were in the same boat as me, had a hair appointment booked, and welp, COVID happened. With the COVID-19 shutdown, hair salons have been itching to re-open. After months of being due for a hair appointment the day was finally here . . . . #HAIRAPPOINTMENT

How many of you are loyal? You’ve had the same hair stylist forever! Trust me, I get it. But here’s the thing. I was told by a friend to try this new salon.  I think you all can agree, adventuring off to a new salon, entrusting a complete stranger with your hair is terrifying in itself. Who are you without your hair? Because let’s be honest, your hair is the ONE part of you that can express who you are.

Now let me tell you why Moda Salon is the reason to set your hair free from what it’s always known!

I don’t know about you but walking into any new environment is a questionable experience. When I got to @modasalon.ca, before entering, I was screened, sanitized (my hands), and had my temperature taken. As we all know, with this whole COVID-19 inconvenience, hair salons are looking a little different. Once all of the precautionary stuff was completed, I was greeted and welcomed, a solid customer service win. BUT @chant.donoghue did an amazing job keeping things as normal as possible. Which lets be honest here . . it made me feel safe as a client.

When scheduling my appointment, I had the opportunity to select any of Moda’s finest stylists, check them out for yourself @terriannmichelle_beauty, @andrea.does.hair, @sabrinaforesta, @hairby_lirije, @hairbyjess44 and @kristopherdonoghue_hair.

I went with @andrea.does.hair. We sat at the colour station together and I explained my vision, she looked at me without any hesitation or uncertainty and simply said “let’s do it!”. Basically, all I had to say was ‘balayage’ to keep it simple. One thing to note, my hair was damaged, with a capital D.  My previous hair adventures involved lots and lots of bleach, and well I wanted to treat my hair better this time around. I spent the last few years trying to bring my hair back to life. . .

The adventure started with foils, than a wash, which included the best head massage ever, then I marinated with different toners, received an additional head massage when it was time to rinse … and if you’re wondering, no water went in my ear and my neck remained dry! Once I got into the hot seat, she began the cut and style. I don’t know what gives you more anxiety, the colour or the cut. But I am telling you, this experience was different. @andrea.does.hair walked me through the entire process, I never once felt that I did not know what was going on.

To be 1 0 0 % honest here, I did not want my appointment to end, I felt like I was on cloud nine, and after 3 months of quarantine, I was due for some pampering.

The results are in . . . Need I say more, I was blown away.

Many of you out there say that all salons are the same, they all colour, cut and style hair. B U T not all salons are the same and Moda Salon is not your regular salon, they are a salon that appreciates and cares about their clients.

10 Reasons why you should try Moda Salon . . . .

1. Cares about each and every client
2. Hair is not just hair to them it is more
3. They understand
4. They are experts when it comes to colouring and cutting
5. They are Davines suppliers . . .  Best Product Line Ever!
6. Their environment is welcoming, clean and safe
7. They are extremely friendly
8. They want the best for you and your hair
9. Your beauty is just as important to them as it is to you
10. They give the love your hair deserves

YES it may be frightening trying somewhere new B U T you won’t be disappointed, and I can promise you that, give Moda Salon a try.

Take a look at my before and after photos below!


B E F O R E !


A F T E R !

By Brieanne Smith