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Scalp Treatments

Renewing Anti-age Treatment for Scalp + Hair

Slow down aging fighting against the causes of aging

Energizing Seasonal Hair Loss 

Stops hair loss, both seasonal (that increases with the climate or seasonal changes) and hormonal hair loss (mainly man hair loss)

Energizing Hair Thickening (Density) 

Energizing and thickening treatment for fragile scalpand hair prone to falling out

Replumping for Dehydrated Hair 

Replumping and elasticizing products for all hair types.

Detoxifying Revitalizing for Scalp + Hair 

Detox and control the excess of sebum

Calming Anti-Age Soothing Treatment for Itchy Scalp

Gentle curative cleanser for delicate scalp

Purifying for Intense Dandruff 

Deeply clean the scalp with light peeling action

Nourishing Treatments

Nourishing for Dry Hair + Scalp 

Deeply nourish the scalp and the hair shafts, providing reconstructing protein

Nourishing Keratin Wonder Superlactive 

Reconstructive action brings new life to damaged hair; Provides fortifying action preventing hair breakage; resulting in soft, shiny, more compact and manageable hair with Vegetal Keratin and Biacidic Bond Complex

Nourishing for Dray Scalp + Split Ends 

Deeply nourish the scalp and ends proving reconstructing proteins.

Olaplex Treatment  

OLAPLEX works to rebuild broken bonds from within repairing, protecting, and strengthening hair. Turn dry, brittle, and damaged hair into silky, smooth, vibrant hair with OLAPLEX

The Circle Chronicles

The Circle ChronicleTHE SPOTLIGHT  

Gives extraordinary shine, ready for life’s special moments- Includes take home treatment.

The Circle ChronicleRENAISSANCE 

Repairs damaged hair, restoring health,shine and softness – Includes take home treatment.

The Circle ChroniclePURITY

Purifies hair and scalp from impurities from pollution, heavy metals or free Radicals. Includes take home treatment

The Circle Chronicle  – Quick Fix

Perfectly hydrated and smooth hair in no Time – Includes take home treatment.

The Circle ChronicleWAKE-UP 

New energy and volume for stressed hair and scalp. Includes take home treatment

The Circle ChronicleLET IT GO

Hydration and softness for hair and scalp that need for a break. Includes take home treatment

The Circle Chronicle – CUSTOMIZED 

A combination of treatments to target each part of the scalp and hair.

All Treatments- from $35 when booked with a service